Choosing a Better Tomorrow

When it comes to the decision of whether or not to stay enrolled in high school and finish your diploma or drop out can be a difficult and impossible decision. Whether you are looking into gaining your online GED for personal or professional reasons, there are several determining factors for seeking an online GED instead of a traditional high school diploma.

This website is here to help you with that decision.

In this day and age, making a decision like this isn’t a minor one, so we have created a website that helps you make a more informed decision on whether or not you should take the option to stay in school or get your GED online. The choice for a better future is up to you, what are you waiting for?

Online GED's in the U.S.

In the United States, eligibility for a GED is determined state by state, meaning that depending where you live you may be able to get your online GED in a matter of weeks or a matter of months. It is up to the student petitioner to research and find out if you fit the state's criteria for a GED. It is also important to understand that you cannot be currently enrolled in a high school to take the GED and cannot have graduated from high school. You also have to be older than 16 before you can even consider taking the GED.

In the event that a GED is awarded, the student must pass a number of tests covering five different academic areas of study with a score of least 60-percent on each individual test. After successfully passing the test they will be given due consideration to be awarded a GED. The GED, on the average, takes a total of seven hours. Be prepared to study and refresh your mind on certain areas, specifically science and math to help prepare you for the online GED.

Check With Your School District

Remember: it is critical that the student research the laws governing the awarding of high school diplomas in their area. Keep in mind that many states require the student applicant to have one to four years in high school. For the most part there is no minimum age requirement though many states require the student to have earned their diploma before the age of 21.

Curriculum varies from school district to school district, so be advised if you decide to travel outside your current district or check in with your school district to see if your online GED qualifies.